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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Dragon City Farms, Inc.

We produce pesticide and herbicide free produce and fruits for local consumption at local restaurants and grocery stores.

Dragon City Farms, Inc.



Dragon City Farms, Inc is being formed for the specific purpose of growing and marketing high quality specialty crops, initially fancy hydroponic lettuces and other leaf crops, including some varieties of herbs. This will be done in a controlled environment greenhouse utilizing the most recent technology in soilless, or, hydroponic growing systems. This is in response to a tremendous need that exists for superior quality, safe produce due to the inability of field growers to meet that need.


Dragon City Farms, Inc. intends to grow and provide safe, superior quality, fresh, locally grown produce to consumers in the surrounding area.

We intend to establish a reputation in the area as the producer of the highest quality produce available, reaching a large and growing segment of the consumer market.


Quality, consistent supply, and superior service will be the hallmarks of our marketing approach. We will position our hydroponic lettuce, tomatoes, herbs and other vegetables as the most consistent and highest quality lettuce,tomatoes, herbs and other vegetables available which consumers and retailers will associate with our brand identification.


The Future of Farming

Join Dragon City Farms as we chart a journey toward ushering in the future of farming. Sustainability and Society are at the root of our culture. In our blog we'll share theā€¦


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